About Crossroads

Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His church worldwide.

Our Purpose

Crossroads began with the local church and its outreach into the community - which is still a main focus of Crossroads today. Out of the Kosovo Refugee Crisis of 1999, we were able to acquire properties which we now use to run camps for Albanian children and our 1st and 2nd Year Bible School Programs. Our purpose continues to be to lead people to Jesus Christ and help them learn what it means to walk with Him.

What we believe

  • The entire Bible is the inspired revelation of God to man.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is God and a co-equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. By Him the Father created all things.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ became man by the miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit. He was without sin.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, died willingly in the place of sinners, to become the redeemer of this fallen world, and the only Mediator through Whose atoning Blood we receive the forgiveness of sins.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead, appeared to His disciples, and returned to the Father. Now, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, He dwells in the lives of those who receive Him (His church).
  • The Holy Spirit is a co-equal member of the Trinity of God.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is returning in person to earth. By Him, God will judge the world.

Our Team

Linda Osborne

Linda lives on campus and is house mom to everyone (staff and students).  She is involved in the ministries of our local church and also makes her home available as a haven for students to come and have a cup of tea or coffee and heart-to-heart conversations.

Mark and Melanie Stoscher

Mark and Melanie were married in March of 2024.  Mark is the director of Torchbearers - Albania, and has been working and living in Albania for over 30 years.  Growing up as a missionary kid, Melanie spent her childhood between Africa and New York State. She also served for 14 years as a teacher at a missionary school in Kenya.  Mark and Melanie live in what is affectionately called the House of Hope, where there are usually over 15 people around the table at meals ... but with a space for you!

Eric and Kathy Gundy

Eric and Kathy are also from the U.S. and came to live in Erseka in 2000. Eric is a member of the leadership team of the Erseka Evangelical Church and Program Director of the Crossroads camps. He is the principal of the Bible School, while Kathy oversees the finances of the Foundation. They have three children, Andrew, Abi, and Josiah.

Liz Codington

Besides being a nurse, Liz leads the ministry to elderly people in the community. Liz is also involved in different church ministries and sometimes translates at the Bible School.

Melsi and Angela Plepi

Melsi is one of the leaders in the soccer ministry, and also very active in church leadership.  Angela is our wonderful, warm, efficient Facilities Administrator.  They have a baby son named Eden who everyone passes around - perhaps because he stares at you with a big smile and his big brown eyes as you hold him!

Julie and Rozela

Julie and Rozela are sisters who grew up in the Erseka Church. They are amazing with children and provide critical leadership and mentoring for the Foleza program’s at-risk children and young people. Julie is also a canoe instructor and Rozela leads the crafts program in the summer camps.

Walter and Manjola Zeqo

Walter and Manjola lead in the at-risk children’s program. They love hosting Bible School students in their village home. Their two young daughters, Deborah and Eisela (Ice-ella) are lots of fun!

Our Kitchen Ladies

Mile (Me-lay), Moza, Elvira and Eva are our amazing kitchen ladies! They cook a wide variety of Albanian and International food for the Bible School and Summer Camps. (We don’t want to brag, but the food here is excellent)!

Klodi and Nadine Pepa

Klodi is Albanian and one of the founders of Iron Sharp, the soccer ministry.  It is an incredible ministry reaching young boys and young men in Erseka and across the southeast of Albania.  Nadine is Swiss and grew up as a missionary kid in Japan.  She is involved in a variety of ministries and loves her work caring for at-risk children and people with handicaps.

Sonya Harnish

Sonya served for three years in the capital city of Albania as the office manager for the national missionary organization AEP. She also worked in several other ministry capacities around Albania and has a heart for discipleship. Sonya is a gifted administrator having been involved in business in both Albania and the US.

Markelian and Kristina Kollcinaku

Markelian spearheads the junior high boys soccer team and ministry within Iron Sharp.  He has an evangelist heart for Albanians who don't know Christ.  Kristina is very involved in leading the second year program and is part of the office administration team.  Meals at their house are a hoot!

Markus Steck

Markus is from Germany.  After coming as a student, he has returned in several roles, including most recently working to co-lead the 2nd year program.  He has a deep understanding of all things Lord of the Rings.

Gersion (Sony) Xhavari

Sony runs our on-campus coffee shop "Bob's Cafe", (dedicated to Mami Linda's husband Bob who went to be with the Lord in 2013).  Sony makes the best cappuccino in town and is also in charge of the workout facilities where students as well as people from the community come for exercise.

Amarildo Kodra

Amarildo works a lot with Sony as part of the Buildings and Grounds team.  He also finds time to be one of the Iron Sharp soccer coaches.  When he is not busy with these things, you might find him driving someone to or from Tirana or Thessaloniki with his ready heart and smile.

Donika Hoti

Donika is from Kosovo.  She came as a Bible School student and then went back to Kosovo and earned a degree in English before returning to work with us as a translator.  She is a wonderful part of the Student Life Team as she serves and loves people deeply.

Rudina Pepa

Rudina is a part of the Student Life Team as she mentors people, especially the girls, at the Bible School.  She has a deep love for prayer and shows constant care for people of all ages in the Bible School and also in and through our local church.

Irdi Kumani

Irdi grew up in Erseka, and excels in all things related to worship.  He loves to help others enter into God's presence through song.  Irdi is also part of the soccer ministry both playing and coaching.

Josh and Ali Reeve

Josh is part of the Student Life Team and one of our resident teachers. Ali is a doctor, but currently focused on home-schooling their four children.

Shaun and Hae-Jean Peters

Shaun and Hae-Jean are both medical doctors.  Their medical skills are a blessing to the community and they are always available for Bible School students and staff.  Students love to help them with different projects around their house and to spend time with their five adorable little girls.

A History of Crossroads

In 1999, the Erseka Evangelical Church began to care for refugees which streamed in from Kosovo. 600,000 refugees flooded into Albania. The churches began to respond.

The Erseka Church formed a partnership with Schloss Klaus, a Torchbearers Center in Austria to aid the refugees. The Erseka believers worked side by side with their Austrian brothers and sisters in aiding those devastated by war – especially widows.

In 2001, Torchbearers-Albania began through the prayers, wisdom and help of other Torchbearers Centers – notably Schloss Klaus. The Albania Center main building was purchased during the Kosovo war. We began summer camps in 2000. These have grown steadily. Each summer nearly 2000 Albanian campers come to Crossroads.

In 2003, we began to pray about the possibility of a Bible School. The Lord put the vision on the heart of Albanian Doni Lilo, himself a graduate from the main Torchbearers School in Capernwray, England. The Bible School began in 2004 with Doni as principal. In 2024 we celebrated our 20th anniversary as a school!


Albania is located in south-central Europe. Crossroads is in Erseka, in the southeast of Albania near the Greek border and is the highest city in the Balkans. That means spectacular views and sunsets, as well as gorgeous snow covered mountains in the winter.
Erseka is not far from historic Thessalonica and Philippi in Greece and students may choose to visit these places on one of the free weekends.


Albania is located in south-central Europe. Crossroads is in Erseka, in the southeast of Albania near the Greek border and is the highest city in the Balkans. That means spectacular views and sunsets, as well as gorgeous snow covered mountains in the winter.
Erseka is not far from historic Thessalonica and Philippi in Greece and students may choose to visit these places on one of the free weekends.

1st Year Bible School

Crossroads offers both a 1st and 2nd year 24-week course (two 12-week semesters) with a focus on in-depth studies of many of the books of the Bible. Christ-centered, theological topics are taught as well. Resident staff and international guest speakers teach at the school.

Summer Camps

Since the year 2000, children and young people have been coming from all over Albania to camp at Crossroads.  Crossroads was the first camp center in Albania and has been running summer camps each summer for 19 years now with nearly 2000 campers coming each summer.