Bible School in a cross-cultural mission setting

Come and live in a country where east meets west culturally. Come see how God has built His church in a nation that once declared itself as the first atheistic country in the world. Since the fall of communism in 1992, Albania has been a democratic nation. Interestingly, it is considered one of the safest countries in the developing world.


In 2001, Torchbearers-Albania began through the prayers, wisdom and help of other Torchbearers Centers – notably Schloss Klaus. The Albania Center main building was purchased during the Kosovo war. We began summer camps in 2000. These have grown steadily. Each summer nearly 2000 Albanian campers come to Crossroads.

Bible School

Crossroads offers a 24-week course (two 12-week semesters) with a focus on in-depth studies of many of the books of the Bible. Christ-centered, theological topics are taught as well. Resident staff and international guest speakers teach at the school.

Summer Camps

Since the year 2000, children and young people have been coming from all over Albania to camp at Crossroads. Crossroads was the first camp center in Albania and has been running summer camps each summer for 19 years now with nearly 2000 campers coming each summer.