Resident Staff


Linda Linda Osborne
Linda, together with her husband Bob have been the house parents of the Bible School from its inception. When Bob unexpectedly went to be with the Lord in December 2012, “Mommy Linda”, as she is affectionately known to the whole Erseka community, graciously offered to continue on as House Mom. She has had a long history with Albania and has spent the better part of the last 20 years between Erseka and her “other” home in Fresno, CA.
MarkandRuth Mark & Ruth Stoscher
Mark and Ruthie are from the U.S. and have lived in Erseka since 1994.  Their lives are closely connected with every aspect of the Erseka Evangelical Church.  Mark is the director of Torchbearers – Albania.  Mark and Ruth have four children, Abi, Beka, Jamie, and Stephen.
EricandKathy Eric & Kathy Gundy
Eric and Kathy are also from the U.S. and came to live in Erseka in 2000.  Eric is a member of the leadership team of the Erseka Evangelical Church and Program Director of the Crossroads camps.  He is the principal of the Bible School, while Kathy oversees the finances of the Foundation.  They have three children, Andrew, Abi, and Josiah.
MozaandMilee Moza Baki
Moza is the mother of two children and the best possible cook for all hungry passersby at Crossroads. She has served for many years in the Crossroads kitchen, during the summers for hundreds of campers and as part of our ministry to elderly shut-ins.Milee Tane
Along with Moza, Milee has also served in the Crossroads kitchen for many years. She covers one of the most important aspects of life at Crossroads, ensuring the good nutrition of all the students! Milee is the mother of three children, Kamela, Jorgo, and Rina.
 Lilo Doni & Gail Lilo
Doni was born and raised in Erseka. Doni was the director of the Crossroads Bible School for the first three years. He turned the reigns over to Eric as he worked on his online Masters Degree in Leadership from Fuller Seminary. Gail was born in Alaska and came to Albania as a missionary in 2004. They have four young children Koreta, Arber, Tereza and Elira.
AsimandBeta Asim & Beta Hamzaj
Asim is part of the leadership of the Erseka Evangelical Church.  He also is one of the most key people in the work of Crossroads.  Teacher, translator, director of camps, multimedia guru – these are only some of his responsibilities.  Asim completed three years of study at the Albanian Bible Institute in Durres.  Asim and Beta have two young daughters – Rea and Besa.
angela2 Anxhela Kumani
Angela finished her degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management in Durres, Albania.  She works as the Facility and Kitchen Administrator.  She is a wonderful new addition to our staff, yet well known by all as she grew up in Erseka.
TeutaandVini Vini & Teuta Tane
Recently married, Vini and Teuta both grew up in Erseka.  Vini is a full-time doctor at the city hospital, but also very involved in the Bible School and part of the local church leadership team.  Teuta graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Tirana, Albania.  She leads in the summer camp ministry and is the Office Administrator at Crossroads.