What students say

Hi, I’m Zack, and I’m from California. I love Bible School because you get to hang out with missionaries in their field of experience – and actually LEARN from them AND learn to love God more while you’re here.

Zack – California


My time in Albania – the place I lived, the people I met and lived life with – have been such a blessing to me. The blessing is still reaching into my present reality – even though Bible School for me ended seven months ago. This is so amazing to realize. It makes me marvel about God’s faithfulness and his goodness.

Lydia – Germany


I chose Albania because I knew that it would probably become the soil in which I would grow the most. Most people I’ve talked to have never heard of Albania. It certainly isn’t a popular tourist destination. What you experience at the school is the real deal.

I learned so much – not just through my studies, but through the culture and the people I met there. I will never regret the time I spent there learning about God – it has helped shape my character and it’s a part of who I am today.

Elisa – Canada