Outreach and Activities

Outreach week
Students will serve in different churches and Christian organizations throughout Albania. You will go in groups of four to five students. These are wonderful times to see another part of the country and what God is doing. During the first term, these outreaches are in other parts of Albania. During the second term, you will have the opportunity to go with your team to a distant part of Albania or to nearby Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia or Bosnia.

Living in an Albanian Home
You will get the chance to really experience Albanian culture and hospitality as you live with an Albanian family for a week. This will be with a local family in the same city as the school. You will have the chance to continue your relationship with this family throughout the school year. For many students this is a highlight of their Bible School time.

Student Service
Every Sunday evening you will have the opportunity to be involved in a student led worship service. The main speaker of the week will share his/her story with the students and preach God’s word that evening. You will be able to help plan and participate in this student service. (In addition, on Sunday mornings, you will be encouraged to be involved in a local church).

Travel weekend
Crossroads will organize several travel weekends to some of the most beautiful historic towns and places in Albania. These will be long weekends beginning on Friday morning and ending on Sunday evening. These are great times for relaxation and fun, as you visit some very interesting places in Albania.  Among other places you will see:

  • The fascinating 5th century baptismal in the ruins of the ancient hamlet of Butrint
  • The castle of the Albanian hero Skenderbeg who united the Albanians in the 15th century
  • The 1st century amphitheater in the coastal city of Durres where some say Titus was martyred.

We have a variety of sports activities available. We have a climbing wall and ropes course at the school that will provide fun, team-building times. The students and staff work together to organize soccer, volleyball and basketball games. We have a fleet of canoes that can be used at local lakes and rivers.

Hiking & Climbing
Albania is about 70% mountainous. There are lots of trails for hiking and backpacking. After training on our climbing walls, you may want to head out for rock climbing on some of the local peaks (with a trained climber of course).