For Parents and Family

From School to College
The transition from school to college is a balancing act, and you will play an important role as your son or daughter makes this change.

At Bible school your son or daughter will take on new responsibilities – taking a proactive approach to learning, managing their study, work and social life, forming new networks and friendships, and pursuing a career goal. This is all vital to a student’s success, and part of becoming a responsible adult.

This time can also be daunting for parents – after years of looking after their education at school, it can be hard to know what level of involvement you should now have in your son’s or daughter’s higher education.

Your son or daughter will be living and studying in a new country and in a different culture.  It may be even harder to know what to expect.

Study Commitments
Students will have lectures mornings and evenings totaling around 15 to 20 hours per week. Attendance at lectures, seminars and Sunday services is compulsory. To obtain maximum benefit from the courses, students should plan to spend additional time in reading, preparing, praying and working on writing assignments.

The type of assessment varies according to the subject and teacher.  These will include written assignments, classroom tests, some memorization and presentations.

Keeping in Touch
The students will have regular access to internet so you should be able to keep in touch by e-mail and Skype.  Any mail should be addressed to the student at Crossroads, 7 Rruga e Rehoves, Erseke, Kolonje, ALBANIA.