Bible School Facilities

The main Crossroads facility was purchased in 1999.  As the conflict in Kosovo (the country just to the north of Albania) was going on at that time, the UN approached the local Erseka Evangelical Church about finding a facility for refugees coming from Kosovo.  The leadership of the church looked at several facilities including this large warehouse.  Under communism, this building was used to hold all the grain for the entire state.  The owner gave a price to the church leaders.  That evening the missionaries agreed to pray as to whether God would provide the funds.  The answer came that very day.  An email came from a church in California who had heard about the Kosovo crisis and had a special offering.  The amount of the offering was the exact amount that the owner was asking.


We purchased the building and got it ready for refugees.  It was at this time that we received a letter from Schloss Klaus (Torchbearers in Austria) wanting to partner with a work in Albania.

When the conflict in Kosovo ended, this partnership with Torchbearers included helping return refugees back to their homes.

Torchbearers – Albania was formed as an official organization and became a part of the Torchbearers family.

From the spring of 1999 to the present, the buildings have continued to be transformed for their use as a Bible School, retreat center and summer camp.

The rooms hold 4-6 students and each room has its own bathroom and shower.  There are also rooms for the R.A.s and several on campus apartments for staff.  Besides the large lecture hall, there are smaller rooms, a library, game room and activity rooms.


Bible School Building Bible School Classroom