Torchbearers in Albania

In 1999, the Erseka Evangelical Church began to care for refugees which streamed in from Kosovo. 600,000 refugees flooded into Albania. The churches began to respond.

The Erseka Church formed a partnership with Schloss Klaus, a Torchbearers Center in Austria to aid the refugees. The Erseka believers worked side by side with their Austrian brothers and sisters in aiding those devastated by war – especially widows.

In 2001, Torchbearers-Albania began through the prayers, wisdom and help of other Torchbearers Centers – notably Schloss Klaus. The Albania Center main building was purchased during the Kosovo war. We began summer camps in 2000. These have grown steadily. Each summer nearly 2000 Albanian campers come to Crossroads.

In 2003, we began to pray about the possibility of a Bible School. The Lord put the vision on the heart of Albanian Doni Lilo, himself a graduate from the main Torchbearers School in Capernwray, England. The Bible School began in 2004 with Doni as principal. In 2016 we celebrated our 12th anniversary as a school.

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