Area Information

Albania is located in south-central Europe. Crossroads is in Erseka, in the southeast of Albania near the Greek border. Located “One Kilometer Closer to Heaven” (at over 3000 feet), Erseka is the highest city in the Balkans. That means spectacular views and sunsets, as well as gorgeous snow covered mountains in the winter.

There are wonderful things to see and experience in and around Erseka:

  • The Albanian coast offers great swimming and beautiful aqua pools along the Adriatic Sea
  • Great fishing in Lake Ohrid features the rare and delicious Red Speckled Trout
  • A wild animal park just across the border in Greece is one of the finest in Europe
  • Erseka is not far from historic Thessalonica and Philippi in Greece. Students may choose to visit these places on one of the free weekends.


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