Albania International Bible School

Why not do Bible School in a cross-cultural, mission setting? Come study alongside Albanian Christians. The church in Albania is growing.

Come and live in a country where east meets west culturally. Come see how God has built His church in a nation that once declared itself as the first atheistic country in the world. Since the fall of communism in 1992, Albania has been a democratic nation.  Interestingly, it is considered one of the safest countries in the developing world.

Torchbearers Europe Mission Statement:

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What is Bible School like?

Why Albania?

Recently, Lonely Planet named Albania the number one place to visit.  Here’s what they wrote:

“Not so long ago, when the Balkans were considered an ‘only for the brave’ travel destination, only the bravest of the brave trickled into Albania.  Since backpackers started coming to elusive Albania in the 1990s, tales have been told in ‘keep it to yourself’ whispers of azure beaches, confrontingly good cuisine, heritage sites, nightlife, affordable adventures and the possibility of old-style unplanned journeys complete with open-armed locals for whom travellers are still a novelty … ”

You’re not too late!  Come to Bible School in this beautiful country where Paul and Titus once traveled.

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